EY 4x1mile Cross Country Relay


The relay takes place over the grassland and paths of the Common and is suitable for short spikes or racing flats. Each runner completes the same 1 mile loop featuring twists, turns and climbs. Teams may be men, women or mixed (prizes are available in all categories) and any athletes taking part in the Festival without a team can be allocated a composite team if they so wish. This event is open to all but does not form part of the overall individual competition. Those in the team competition need to complete the relay with their designated overall team. Teams are also welcomed from outside the main Festival. 

Start is 10:30



Forms to register are available at all registration evenings and the two races prior. 

Team declaration arrangements to be confirmed.

NB: No Guernsey Athletics team entries will be taken on the day.

Available at Tower No. 5, the carpark adjacent to Rocque Balan, and Pembroke Bay (within warm up distance). Parking is at a premium for this event so local athletes are requested to share or cycle where possible. Both the Stonecrusher car park further to the east and the access road cross the course and care should be taken when using this car park.



Public toilets are available at L’ancresse: The Beach House. Weather permitting, refreshments should be available at the start/finish area courtesy of the Club tea tent.


The course is a pinched loop with all points within walking distance of the start/finish area, which itself boasts some of the best spectator vantage points.



To take place on the start line at 10:25.



The race will be started by the sponsor’s representative on the sound of a horn or similar.



The course will be well marked with gates, arrows and chalk. Where there are gates runners must past through them. As ever, the marshals’ instructions should be obeyed. This course is suitable for spikes. When conditions are wet, studded shoes can be advantageous otherwise grippy trainers or racing flats are the shoe of choice for locals. There is one minor road crossing and a car park which will be marshalled with volunteers.