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5K road race

Race start time - 10:00

The opening event of the EY Easter Running Festival is a flat, fast, coastal 5k starting at L'Eree and finishing on the Vazon Coast road. 

Number collection

On the day, number collection will take place in L'Eree car park from 08:30 - 09:00. 


Parking and spectating

The race is point-to-point and a kit van will be available to take clothing from the start to the finish ahead of the runners. There is limited parking at either end of the race, so car sharing and vehicle arrangements should be thought out in advance for those who do not want to run from finish to start either before or after the race.

Spectating is possible along the course (various coastal car parks). However, spectators (particularly those who are driving) are requested to arrive at their chosen spot BEFORE 10:00 and to remain in place throughout for the safety of the runners. There is also room for spectators to watch from above the finish and Vistas café at Vazon, but they must remain in areas set off from the road as the road is not closed at the finish. As the race is so short and run on open roads, the spectators should not attempt to follow the race along the course by any mode of transport. N.B. Cycling with a runner (whether ahead, beside or behind) may be construed as providing that runner assistance, which is prohibited in the rule book and leaves them liable to disqualification.


Public toilets are available at the start and finish areas and public refreshments are available in the Vazon area (Vistas, Crabby Jacks, Richmond Kiosk).


Warm up
Competitors are free to warm up on the grass areas or L'Eree beach, or the roads should you wish to do so. None of the roads are closed until shortly before the start. Competitors will be advised to take due care.


Briefing and start 

The briefing will take place in L'Eree car park at 09:50. Thereafter athletes will move to the start and become under the control of the race starter. The start will be in the road alongside L'Eree, clearly marked with tape or chalk.


The race

A fast coastal run from L'Eree to Vazon. The race largely takes place on open roads. All junctions are marshalled for traffic and to direct runners. Runners MUST stay on the left of the centre line at all times, as there may be traffic in the opposite lane. It is essential that they obey marshals' instructions and must not wear headphones of any kind.

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