EY 10k Road Race


A relatively new route but quickly becoming a popular staple of the Easter Festival, this flat, fast and largely coastal 10k course has been gaining a reputation for producing PBs. The race follows a point-to-point route curving round the north of the Island, with the curve great enough to ensure that the course is admissible to Power of 10, despite the point to point nature of the route

The race is run on open roads and headphones are not permitted. This will be reiterated in the briefing.

Start is 09:30

Parking is available in public parking areas near the start (Grande Rocques; Cobo and Port Soif both within warm up distance) and the finish (The Bridge; Bordeaux (within cool down distance, also where the juniors races are being held that day). Parking will not be available in the immediate vicinity of the finish.



There will be a complimentary bus for participants from the finish on the North of The Bridge to the start area (departure time 08:15).

There are public toilets within the vicinity of both the start and the finish; for the start at Grande Rocques kiosk, Port Soif Kiosk and the Guet end of Cobo, for the Finish at Northside (opposite the Chippy) or at Bordeaux kiosk (in the direction of the children’s races).



Will be available from the Race Van from 08:00 til 08:30.



The Race Van will double as the kit vehicle to transport participants' kit (only) to the Finish. Please note Bicycles will not be accepted into the kit vehicle - if you are cycling please make arrangements to get back to your bike after the race



Will take place at 08:50. Runners should assemble within the grass triangle so as not to obstruct any passing traffic.



The race will be started on the sound of a horn or similar.



The start is at Grandes Rocques, in the main high adjacent to the triangle of the bus terminus. With the exception of the closing straight, the roads are open so runners must obey the marshals, keep to the left and not wear headphones. There will be one (manned) water station at approximately 5k, with bins following.



The run-in to the finish is closed road and will be well marshalled for visibility to approaching runners.